Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Geeky love

It's no secret I love reading on my kindle. The ability to highlight and makes notes makes it almost like reading a real book - with one exception: you can't copy and paste that information into a more easy to use format, like a Word document. To find a highlighted passage, you need to scroll through the highlights in the book on the kindle.

Until now. Today, Tim Challies posted a wonderful technique for using Evernote in conjunction with the kindle, to download the notes and highlights into an Evernote note, which can then be filed any way you choose within that application, ready for easy (and searchable) reference.

Two of my very favorite things working together.

With the ability to search through both notes and tags on Evernote, it should be easy to find any particular highlighted passage in just a minute or so. Faster, even, than flipping through a physical book to find the highlight (I have an exceptional visual memory, one that can often visualize the placement of the highlight on the page, making finding a passage pretty quick - this is much faster).

Sorry, I don't mean to go all incoherent fan girl here, but for those of us who read quite a bit, highlight often and want to go back to refresh ourselves on the content of a book six months from our original read through, this is a wonderful technique.

Add this to the tips garnered from a book I read this month (will be listed on the August reads post, scheduled to post 9/1), and I may well become a superuser on Evernote.

Woo hoo!

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