Thursday, July 03, 2014

The day before

It feels like Friday, which is apt, considering that for so many of us, tomorrow is a holiday. Things rattling around in my head:

- The perennially last place Milwaukee Bucks have new owners. In addition to holding up taxpayers for the cost of a new arena, they have hired a new coach in a very unsportsmanlike manner (didn't release the old coach first, let the news leak out in the media, hired a less-than-savory, relatively inexperienced coach who just happens to be a crony of one of the new owners). Thus far, I'm not impressed.

- The next presidential election cannot come quickly enough. Though having SCOTUS slap this president down was worth a giggle. Rather than suing the POTUS, however, we should be impeaching him.

- I've a mini watermelon, corn on the cob and Italian sausage for weekend feasting. Time to break in the grill!

- There will be pictures of the flag flying on the condo. Part of the Grand Patio Project of 2014 involved realizing there is a flag pole mount on the front of the place, and getting something to put in it.

- Being a grown up is depressing sometimes. This year, I'm using the MetLaw benefit we have available through work to get a will drawn up. I've made the appointment; a bit of this week was spent getting ducks in a row, the executors lined up, getting information from the charity. It's all good, but it certainly does make one feel mortal.

- There is still a (very small) snowman wall hanging up in the living room. I have a "seasonal" nail on a small wall, and generally put season appropriate things on it. I've been meaning to put up the grapevine/red-white-blue wreath since Memorial Day. Maybe it will actually get done this weekend.

- Put in a couple of maintenance requests for the condo. They use a slick on-line program, through which I can put my requests. But there is also an area where the requests that have been phoned in are listed, for the entire complex. It is most amusing to read through those.

- The porch light on my unit is...old. I could take off the glass and clean it up, but it won't do much to improve the look. In order to replace it (which I'm happy to do at my cost, since it really is just a cosmetic, I-hate-that-my-guests-have-to-see-this thing), I have to go through the association. This could Or not.

- My electrician friend is coming over this weekend for lunch, and to take a look at the work I want done. It's not much (and again, mostly cosmetic), but I realized that I have, um...high end tastes in bathroom lights. Fortunately, only the downstairs bath needs to be fancy; the upstairs bath, which is my "every day" one, needs functional, but not necessarily expensive, lighting.

- I need to make a plan for the weekend, or it will go past with the "urgent" things getting done, but not the truly important stuff. So many relatively little projects - rubbing on the vinyl letters in the foyer, swapping out the snowmen (see above) for the wreath, getting the cardboard ready for recycling...but if I don't plan it out, I wander from thing to thing without actually completely finishing anything.

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