Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Good Morning Girls

For a few years now I've participated in a group using the Bible studies from Good Morning Girls. It's a great encouragement to spend time in the Word on a daily basis alongside other women. While there are in-person groups, most, including ours, are done on-line, through private Facebook groups.

The study for this next eight weeks is based on the book You Are Loved, by Sally Clarkson and Angela Perritt.

Each day GMG provides wonderful graphics for the on-line leaders to use on the group pages, along with blog posts and videos to share.

Early this week, at the start of this new study, a large number of leaders were suddenly locked out of their facebook groups, unable to post. No real reason was given by Facebook, other than an "unlock" date a week or more in the future. Our leader was one of those locked out. Since I was already planning to step in for her a week or so during the study due to her schedule, I have access to the graphics and have been posting on her behalf.

It's frustrating for everyone involved, but at the same time, it's an incredible confirmation that this particular study is important - enough so that the forces of evil are trying to upset it.

This week's memory verse gives just a glimpse of not only how much God loves us, but how much He delights in us:

How incredible is it that God is not only with us, but greatly delights in us, comforts us with His love and sings over us?

If you have the inclination, please pray for a swift resolution to the Facebook attacks, and protection from further disruption. The studies will go on.

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