Friday, June 06, 2014

Almost that time

Things to do on the weekend and random thoughts:

- Drag those @#^@ bush roots back to the condo, just so I can drag them back to the curb Monday night for Tuesday's pick up . Don't ask.

- Plant new bushes!

- Plant pretty hydrangea!

- Plant tomato plant (1) and begonias(5)!

- Power wash patio.

- Take deck box out of the living room and put on patio, along with small table and grill.

- Turn 60" round vinyl tablecloth into awesome grill/table cover by making a casing around the edge through which to run elastic.

- After next Tuesday, stick an air freshener in the car that is any scent but pine.

- Sit on the newly cleaned and planted patio with an alcoholic beverage and read the rest of the last @$(^*^@ book in the GOT series. I will finish that thing this weekend. Only 57 more chapters to go...

- Rearrange the sewing room.

- Scout around the house for more things to add to the "donate" pile. Donation being picked up June 18th.

- Defrost that New York strip and char it medium rare on the grill.

- Take photos of the charity quilts, preferably out on the (clean) patio in natural light.

- Yesterday I drove just over an hour from downtown Milwaukee out to the quilt store in Genosee for my webinar/quilt class. The class lasted a whopping 35 minutes, then it was a fifty minute drive home. We get DVD copies of all the presentations. Sigh. At least it was a pretty drive. I was home by quarter to eight.

- Cook and freeze pancakes and mini-omelets.

More realistically:

- Do the minimum yard work, think about maybe cleaning the sewing studio, order pizza and go to bed early.

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