Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Quick Wednesday update

I'm still alive, though a bit tired yet, and achy. Trying to get to bed earlier, after doing as little as possible after work. Tonight I need to run a couple errands on the way home (Post Office for work, UPS drop box to send a couple of Amazon returns). Both places are in my old stomping grounds; I plan to pick up dinner at the Chinese place on that side of town that has the gigantic egg rolls.

Seriously, the things are about two inches in diameter, if not a bit bigger. Yum.

We had a dose of spring temperatures yesterday, before a cold front that brought back a howling wind. This wind seemed noisier than the ones previous. Maybe because it followed a fifty degree day? Mother Nature is a tease. Fifty, then thirty with a wind chill ten degrees colder, then forties again on Friday.

No wonder I'm sick.

Reading the paper doesn't help.

I see the girl who was suing her parents for tuition and a living allowance after moving out because she couldn't stand their rules has moved back home. One wonders if her parents are going to pay the legal bills she amassed in her fight against them. What a waste of everyone's time.

Locally, it looks as if Wisconsin may just pass a voter ID law. Fingers crossed, as I believe there is still litigation pending, somewhere. It seems to me that if all the (Democratic Party endorsing) groups that are worried this move will disenfranchise the old and poor would put as much effort into getting these people where they need to be to get identification as they do in getting them to the polls, there would be no issue. Then again, it's pretty hard to get an ID for a dead person.

Or not.

All of the campaigning for the governor's race has begun, and Walker's opponent set the tone by having her first ad making attacks. Not that it's uncommon, but it would be nice to know what she stands for rather than just hearing she doesn't like Walker. The opposition's true heavy hitters - Tom Barrett (Milwaukee mayor), Chris Abele (Milwaukee County Executive) and Russ Feingold (yes, that Feingold, former U.S. Senator) have all said they are not running. I don't see any other Dems with name recognition and a proven track record from which to run.

Looked at flower and vegetable seeds on line at lunch. It may be too late to start anything from seed (and it wasn't my plan, anyway), but it was nice to look. Sweet peas and pansies I think will be the flowers for the urns. There's a greenish blue, low growing plant (whose name I've already forgotten) that likes to spill over the sides of containers that would be a nice border around the colors.

I need to contact the homeowners' association about the juniper bushes and their need to be pulled out, and in the process confirm how much planting I can do in the front. Well, and confirm exactly how much weeding, if any, the lawn service does around the bushes. From what I can see, zero. If I have to weed it, and if I want to keep the lawn service from mowing over anything I plant, I'll need a border of some sort. How well does the vinyl strip you insert in the soil work?

Ah. That little bit of spring was just enough to touch off true spring fever. Sixteen days until Brewers' opening day (shall we take bets on whether or not the stadium roof will have snow on it still?). Seventy days or so to Memorial Day.

Can't come soon enough.

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