Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday night before the storm

Well, that title may be a bit melodramatic. We are expecting snow, but only 3 - 6 inches of it. By most standards this winter, that's barely enough to notice.

Our particular area, however, has been spared any significant storm this winter, gaining our rather impressive accumulation a couple of inches at at time. So Monday's accumulation is a big deal.

Enough so that I want to go to work extra early, to be assured of a parking space under cover. Yes, I'll give up a half hour of sleep if it means not having to brush off the car.

Nice weekend. Holly and Chad (and Lumos, the most photogenic dog on the planet) came over and turned my place into a pizzeria. The base was the dough Holly mixed up and spread out. The marinara was a bit more involved, but Chad did a great job. A layer of that, then both turkey italian sausage (out of the casing, cooked and crumbled) and pepperoni, plus just enough of both shredded mozzarella and parmesan. The only issue we had was regretting that we hadn't made up the second crust as well.

Other than that, slow weekend. I spent some time cleaning the kitchen and dining room in prep for the cooking, but pretty much left everything else as it was - including a living room chair pulled away from the wall and the foyer runner on the living room floor. That last was a good thing - I'd moved it in order to wash the foyer floor, which I did on Monday night, then Tuesday night after the grocery guy was here (what part of "I just washed the floor, just hand the bags in to me" is not clear? He wanted to be helpful, but...)

I realized Lumos would need to go out, so figured it would be just easier to leave the runner where it was. Yes, runners are generally supposed to catch all that stuff, but in addition to washing the floor, I had cleaned the rug. It's much easier to wash the floor again than the rug.

I'm starting a ten week, self-study nutrition program at work tomorrow. Our wellness coordinator is a nutritionist I've worked with, and she's bringing in some really great programs. This program covers five different aspects of good nutrition, complete with specific goals and an accountability component. This first unit covers fat - good vs. bad, how to get it, what it does and all the rest of that stuff. Let's just say that after reading that this afternoon, I remembered to take my fish oil for the first time in quite a while.

We'll see how it goes.

There are rumors that spring may actually come, in spite of tomorrow's forecast. Someone has mentioned their horses have begun shedding, and that is generally a more accurate gauge of the nearness of spring than that silly groundhog. One can only hope.

Off to bed...don't want to miss the chance at that parking space...

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