Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday fluff, V-Day version

Happy Valentine's Day to those of you who celebrate it, rather than sucking all the fun out of it by constantly and loudly declaring how commercial, overhyped and useless it is and how you don't intend to celebrate at all. Seriously, it's fine for you to think that way if you want, but don't ruin the fun for everyone else.

Crabby day, can you tell? Didn't sleep well, mostly due to twisted, sliding covers, an open window and a stiff wind from just the wrong direction. Finally gave up and got up, arriving at work at 6:20 a.m. Thank heaven I took a half day vacation today (even though I'll end up working five hours rather than the three and three-quarters that should constitute a half day).

Need to clean this afternoon. The inaugural session of Diane's culinary school is tomorrow night. Let's call this session The Italian Job - scratch marinara and alfredo sauces and home made pizza. The tricky part is that two of the three I haven't made in years (alfredo and pizza dough), and the third I stopped making from scratch at least three years ago. Thankfully, nothing is complicated.

Put a load of new fabric in the washer on the way out this morning. It's "stash" fabric, not meant for a particular project. All was on deep sale, at the on-line shop that sells great fabric at lower than quilt shop prices to start with (and free shipping on orders over $50, so I save up my needs until I reach that level). Some oranges, a blue or two, and three yards of a delicious thin stripe of reds and tans. That last will play a major role in the throw pillows and runner I want to make for the living room.

Thinking of making one day a week an "alternate protein" day. Note that I consider "alternate" anything other than beef, chicken or pork. I simply don't eat enough fish, even though I very much like it. A deliberate focus on at least a meal a week is a start. Not sure why my consumption dropped off, even though fish in any form is one of the quickest meals you can make. Oh wait - it's that the prices jumped so high. I need to go back to Aldi; they had decent frozen fish for decent prices.

Not watching the Olympics. Trying not to hear about any of the shenanigans going on in Washington. Didn't care about the "great debate" between Bill Nye and Ken Hamm last week  (which is more important, what you believe about creation or what you believe in for salvation? Not necessary to hold a "biblical" view of creation (whatever that is; opinions differ) to understand your need for salvation). Happy NASCAR starts soon, and may watch more this year.

Ordered two cookbooks on a whim (A-hem. I may have a wee problem with cookbooks; even after weeding out over half my collection several years ago, an entire shelf of the bookcase is nothing but cookbooks, not including the copies of Cook's Illustrated in the bookcase base of the lamps in the living room, nor the dozen on the Kindle (most of which are the little, specialty, almost free type)).

The first is The New Midwestern Table, by Amy Thielen. As a lifetime Midwesterner (unlike Ms. Thielen), I'm interested in her take on what constitutes our cuisine (other than the ubiquitous pot-luck casserole and lutefisk). I've also heard the book has quite a bit of history - should be a fun read.

The second is Ree Drummond's second cookbook, The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food From My Frontier. I'm not yet sure if I'm keeping this one, or giving it as a gift. I do have a copy of her first book. The recipes are simple, tasty and accompanied by tons of step by step photos. What makes it fun, though, are the additional family photos and stories, detailing modern day life on a working cattle ranch.

Yep, looking back it still seems I'm a bit food obsessed. Can you blame me - since mid-December it's either been ridiculously cold or snowing. Comfort food is a necessity. Still yearning for the day I can sit out on the patio eating a caprese salad in the hot sun...


Holly o:) said...

I love the name of tomorrow! We can name them all after movies....The French Connection, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Out of Africa.... :)

Diane said...

LOL. Wasn't thinking of that but you have a point. Although I'd go for Casablanca rather than Out of Africa. I can do Moroccan food.

secondofwett said...

Oh Diane, I haven't read your blog in a long was good to hear what you're up to! Hope your weekend goes well.