Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Not much of anything

Got an e-mail from the local symphony about next season's offerings. One of the specials is an appearance by Itzak Perlman, in late April 2015. It's sold out already. Had to laugh at the picture in the e-mail: Frank Almond coyly peeking out from behind the Lipinski Strad.

We need to make a drinking game out of the words "polar vortex". Any time anyone says it, you have to take a swig of hot chocolate (peppermint schnapps add-in optional).

Watched all of Game of Thrones, season three over the end of last week and the weekend. Good heavens, that was bloodier than I expected. I do think I already knew about the biggest scene, though I'd forgotten I knew until I saw it (trying not to post spoilers here).

All this cold really sucks the life out of me. No motivation to do anything but curl up someplace warm. My head wants to start spring cleaning, as we are in for a warm up the middle of March (they say close to fifty the 12th - 15th, and this station is particularly accurate in mid-range forecasting). It would be nice to enjoy the weather, rather than be cleaning like a crazy person.

Enjoying the extra daylight at both ends of the day, but particularly in the early mornings. 'Course that will only last another two weeks, until we set the blasted clocks back. We hates the start of Daylight Savings Time. Right now, I come out of the underground parking into almost full daylight; two weeks from now, I'll be back in the pre-dawn dark.

It occurs to me that it's rather foolish of me to consider buying twinkle lights for the patio. I go to bed before sunset on weeknights during the summer, so it's not as if I'd ever have occasion to use them.

Garbage day today. The monster pile of snow that the snowplow guys deposited exactly where we are supposed to leave our garbage shrank a bit in last week's warmth, but not enough to really make a spot to put our bags. They overflow to the driveway (which itself is covered in a rather thick layer of ice, thanks to the melt-freeze and the utter lack of attention other than plowing that it receives).

Meteorological spring begins on Saturday. Teases, they are, those meteorologists. A local station has been showing "signs" of spring with every weather forecast, basically stock pictures of times when there actually was spring. They keep saying spring is coming, as in the same breath they say "polar vortex".


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