Friday, February 21, 2014

A wide awake Friday morning

Wow, I actually got over seven and a half hours of sleep last night (actual sleep time, as measured by the FitBit). What a difference that makes in my attitude, as well as my ability to get things done.

Part of the reason for the good sleep (aside from going to bed insanely early) was the sustained 50 mph winds roaring around the house. It sounded just like a whopping midsummer thunderstorm - my favorite sleeping weather. There is just something about hearing nature fiercely growling outside while I'm tucked warm and snug in my bed that gives me a really good night's sleep.

Unfortunately, those winds are still around this morning. I've driven in "blowing" snow before, of course, but never before has it been so bad - in the city, no less, where there aren't a lot of open spaces - that the snow is blown higher than my car, obscuring any hint of visibility. The walk from the car to the door at work, though very short, had me walking whilst leaning at a 45 degree angle, backwards against the wind. Fun times.

Not much on the list for the weekend, other than puttering and cleaning. Grocery order comes Saturday morning. I've some cooking ahead to do, cleaning out of the last of the winter type dishes, including roasting up two butternut squash and a pie pumpkin. Blueberries have been on sale (and incredibly large and tasty) the last couple of weeks, giving me a taste for spring/summer food.

Heaven knows we're never going to have actual spring weather; spring foods are a pale substitute for warm temperatures.

Season Three of Game of Thrones, preordered ages ago, arrived on my doorstep Wednesday. The only DVD player in the house is hooked up to the television in the sewing room. That translates to more time sewing as I cycle through the series.

While there are other projects waiting, I'd like to get the patio door curtains and valance out of the way. The actual sewing that is needed is simple, but it's pretty boring, and means working with yards and yards of fabric - not my favorite thing. The patio door is about 120" wide, with a large decorator rod that means I need grommet top curtains (the curtains basically hang from super sized grommets like what you see for the shoelaces on a pair of Keds). I have the curtain panels, but want to sew them to one another to make one continuous curtain. The patio door only slides open in one direction, so the curtains only need to slide open in one direction, if you get what I mean. So much easier to have one large one to slide out of the way than multiples to move over, then rearrange when you close them.

The round roll of fabric for the valance is in the way, as well. For the curtain panels, the area around the sewing machine needs to be empty, as there are yards and yards of fabric to maneuver through the machine. For the valance, the dining room table and surrounds need to be clear, as there are yards of fabric to unroll and cut to size. Ack. Just keep saying "it will be darling when it is done" and get to it, I guess. Because it will be darling when it is done.

It's back into the deep freeze next week, which is a good thing for the state of the loft and my bedroom. The living room is more than a little chilly when it's that cold out (I just got my utility bill; I will not be turning up the heat ever again), so I tend to spend more time in the loft. My desk and the file cabinets sorely need cleaning out, as does my closet and dresser. Besides, I can run the Game of Thrones DVDs off on the computer upstairs, too...

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