Sunday, December 22, 2013

Snow days aren't supposed to start off this way

It's still snowing, though it looks as if we are getting the lower end of the range, barring any "lake effect enhancement". I forgot about that little phenomenon when I moved significantly closer to the lake.

At any rate, I'm declaring a snow day and staying home (unless cabin fever gets to me late this afternoon; I've been home since I got home from work Thursday (yeah, the errands yesterday didn't happen)).

The plan is pancakes and bacon for breakfast, with a huge cup of coffee. I've not yet made it downstairs to the kitchen, however, as in the last hour I've -

-cleaned the bathroom
-put away a basket and a half of clean clothes
-sorted out knee highs from pantyhose, by color and size
-moved some delicates from the chest of drawers to the "sort out and donate/toss" box
-in the process of doing that, found my green leather purse (um, been looking for that for about nine months)
-replaced the flush lever on the toilet

Very similar to the new lever
I'm rather proud of that last one. The old lever had a plastic connecting bolt and screw thing, which simply doesn't hold up. I'd picked up a replacement a while ago, but put off actually installing it. I'm a bit crazy that way. Cleaning the toilet - with multiple flushes - and having to stop, take off the tank cover and push the old lever thing back into line simply didn't work this morning, so I put in the new one.

Overall, I'm pretty handy. Enough so that the direction to tighten or loosen screws is ingrained and automatic. Naturally, the bolt on the lever is reverse threaded (presumably because it goes on facing you, which makes sense, at least until you start to turn it...the wrong way).

I may go wild and replace the smoke detector batteries (one of which involves an actual ladder) or finally attach the new pull chain to the ceiling fan.

Go, me.

Yeah, pancakes are well deserved.

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