Monday, December 23, 2013


Back when I had to park on the street, the car had to be on alternate sides of the street every other day. No matter how much I wanted to stay inside the warm, non-snow covered house, I had to bundle up, trudge outside and persuade the car to start.

Because you know the one time I didn't move the car, I'd get a ticket.

This underground parking thing is great. No getting myself snow-covered whilst trying to uncover the car. No fear the car may not want to start when it's been sitting out in minus two degree temperatures and minus twenty-something wind chills all night. No trying to load or unload the car in the pouring rain, without getting soaked myself.

In the winter, just running the car long enough to move it from one side of the street to the other, however, isn't a very good idea. So on the weekends, I'd be sure to go out somewhere, running errands, spending some time in a coffee shop, treating myself to lunch out. Anywhere far enough away that the car warmed up.

Now, however, I don't have to do that. The car is warm and snug underground. No need to go out to move it. This feeds into my already hermit-like tendencies in a big way.

I've not been out of the house since I came home from work Thursday night.

It just sort of...happened. I had things to do at home. Then I decided to sleep in one day. We had a nasty snowstorm. Next thing I know, it's Monday morning. It's been a glorious three days, but it is past time to get out for a bit.


The plan is to wait until mid-afternoon - the warmest time of a frigid day - to hit up the grocery store (gasp!) for the traditional Christmas Eve frozen pizza (long story), wander into Walgreens for some basics and stop in at Panera o Starbucks for coffee. We shall see how that goes.

In the meantime, there are leftover pancakes for breakfast, with sauteed cinnamon apples and a pot of hot coffee. Fall decor is finally down, and winter (snow stuff) is slowly going up. The kitchen may yet be completely cleaned today.

I just hope I don't get so involved I forget once again to leave the house...

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melissa said...

Sounds darn near perfect to me, love. Happy Christmas Eve.