Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The "S" word

Horrified indignation. That's the best way to describe my reaction when I caught a bit of the extended forecast yesterday.

That forecast held the season's first serious mention of the 'S" word - snow. I'm afraid to even type it loudly, for fear it will come true. This horrible forecast is coming from the station in town that is incredibly reliable in its prognostications.

We're going into the deep freeze - unseasonably cold temperatures - and staying there for over a week. A wave of cold air is spilling out of Canada to cover most of the state (who cares about building a wall along the Rio Grande to keep out illegal immigrants when our northern border is so porous!), bringing with it the chance for accumulating snow in the counties to the north of us and a bit inland from the lake.

Locally, it could be a freezing mix.

Ay. I've the last three days of next week off, intending, among other things, to give the outdoor furniture a coat of paint. I don't mind working out in the cold, but with expected highs of 56, 56 and 52 (and 47 on Saturday), the paint simply won't stick. I'll have to do both coats in the spring instead of one now and one then.

This particular weather station uses a long range forecasting tool that is incredible. Simply put, a 45 - 51 day cycle sets up from early October to mid November, and it repeats through the next eleven months. They are able to predict - accurately, and within a few days of the actual occurrence - severe weather, cold/hot snaps and precipitation.

The cycle is setting up now. If we have this ten day cold snap as part of the recurring cycle, can you imagine what this part of the pattern will be like in January?

Time to lay in a supply of hot chocolate, wash all the quilts so they are ready to use, put extra insulating film on all the windows and patio doors and check out the condition of the winter clothing.

It's going to be a long, cold season.

That's me on the left, looking stoic. You'd think
after a lifetime living here, I'd be used to the cold.

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