Thursday, October 17, 2013

31 Days - Day 17: The one that was much cuter than it looks here

Quite a few of these pictures were taken with a 35mm film camera. When the techs were processing the film, if there wasn't anything they could recognize in the frame to help them determine the correct color settings, they had to guess.

Sometimes, they guessed really, really wrong.

This quilt picture is a case in point. The picture is taken in the same room as the one of the sampler quilt in the previous post, where the colors are correct. Here, they are horribly faded out.

You'll have to take my word for it that this little purple quilt was absolutely gorgeous (and really, really purple).

Mystery baby quilt
Year: 1989, I think
Size: 45 x 30 - about half the size of a full crib quilt
Fabrics: Five different purple prints
Binding: A self made fabric ruffle
Quilting: Ditch quilting with invisible thread
Embellishments: Tiny satin ribbon bows individually hand sewn to the intersection of every single doggoned square
Batting: Double layer of puffy polyester
Backing: Lightweight while flannel

I have completely blanked out on the occasion for this quilt. All that is certain is that it was for a baby. It's a darling little thing, made even more so by the little ribbon bows.

The top of this quilt is very easy to make, especially with a couple of easy speed piecing techniques. The recommended quilting was also fairly simple. But those bows...and they are what pushes the quilt from ordinary to extreme cuteness.

Those bows took longer to sew on the quilt than it had taken for all the rest of the construction, layering and quilting. Grrr.

I do wish I could remember who received this one.

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