Saturday, September 28, 2013

National Coffee...weekend?

A friend whose mom owns a coffeeshop says National Coffee Day is today. The e-mail I got from Starbucks says it is tomorrow.

I'm combining the two and calling it National Coffee Weekend.

Only not even a pot of the strong stuff this morning has been enough to get me going. I woke up around the normal time, but feeling achy (from working on the sewing studio the night before, not from a cold) and tired. After checking e-mail and reading some of the on-line newspapers, I realized it was Saturday and it was pretty stupid to be up at o-dark-thirty.

Back to bed for me.

The extra rest was nice, but now I seem to be stuck in low gear. Had breakfast while catching up on the new Elementary. Let Nashville run while I worked on putting together a grocery order. Cleaned a bit in the kitchen. Flipped through a recipe magazine looking for a meatball recipe I made a year or so ago and didn't put in the cookbook software. No luck. Go back and edit the grocery order a bit. Make lunch, watch some Game of Thrones while eating, then doze for a bit.

All this with a pounding headache.

Tylenol has at last taken the edge off, so I'm about to dive back into the sewing studio. I'm putting away all the miscellaneous fabric from the bedrunner project and a few other things. I'm still mulling it over, but I think I'm going to move the sewing table around a bit, once I move out a few of the still unpacked boxes. I'm working on them one at a time, with the hopes of having them mostly gone before I have friends over for the Packers-Vikings game on November 24th.

It gives me a set deadline, and I need that sort of thing.

I'm filling in tomorrow morning on graphics at church. Our sound guy put out an S.O.S.; apparently either no one signed up for the day, or whoever did bailed on him. I offered to come in and do the set up and run first service, and someone else will take over for second. I need to be home by noon for the grocery delivery.

It's time to go brew another pot of coffee, decaf this time. Have to keep celebrating, you know.

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melissa said...

Not a coffee drinker myself, but a National Tea Day might be nice. :)