Thursday, August 22, 2013

Stormy weather

I caught the weather report on two different local stations last night; both said we would not get any rain from the cool front moving through, as it would break up before it got to us.

It's pouring. Black as night, pounding thunder and torrential downpours.

A little bit of advance notice would have been nice; I parked my car partially under cover here at work, so the rain most likely won't wash off the bird poop on the windshield. A missed opportunity.

My head is killing me. One of the two incisions still leaks a bit at times (after (very gently) washing my hair, for example) and sometimes feels like a centipede is marching in place on that spot on my head. It doesn't appear to be infected, but rather a result of the surgeon pulling two very far apart edges together. We'll see how I feel at the end of the day; I may make an appointment for a wound check for tomorrow, just to set my mind at ease for the weekend.

In the meantime, though, the headache is making me ornery.

I'm not sure if I mentioned here USCellular's wonderful computer upgrade debacle. As of last month, they "upgraded" their system, and as a result millions of customers did not receive their bills. I do all of my transactions with them electronically; when it came to payday, I went to their site and logged on. No bill.

I called, and they told their tale of woe. The thought was that they would be up and running in another two weeks. In the meantime, I made my payment 7/31, and the website afterwards reflected a credit balance as a result of it.

I had to do the same thing to schedule the upcoming 8/31 payment. Their website now says "The July and August billing statements will be delayed by three to five weeks".

Note they say nothing about whether or not they will reverse any late charges the system puts on your account if you don't pay the bill you haven't received.

Feel sorry for their customer service folks: the customers who never called to find out why they haven't received their bills will be certain to call when they receive two (or three) at once.

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