Friday, August 23, 2013

Company Girl Coffee 082313

A bit late today. I wasn't sure I had much to say; I'm still not sure, but forging ahead anyway.

The entire internet (or at least the semi-geeky part of it I generally come into contact with) has exploded over the announcement of Ben Affleck as the next Batman. A round up of some funny tweets is here. The one from Richard Dreyfuss is pretty droll.

There's a bigger issue in this announcement, though.

Why on earth are we still making movies about comic strip characters?

Are there no writers out there who can write compelling, adventurous, engaging scripts that don't revolve around men who wear tights and masks? Where co-stars don't have to waddle around in heavy, furry penguin suits, grease up to shinny into tighter-than-skin pleather catsuits or sit for hours having prosthetic faces built up?

(That sound you hear is my "honorary nerd" card being revoked and turned into silver translucent confetti)

A quick trip to the surgeon this morning. One of the incisions has been fretful, so I wanted a quick wound check. As it turns out, one of the interior, dissolvable sutures decided to go rogue and make a break for the surface. Its working itself up is what has caused both pain and seepage. The doc removed it, handed me some gauze to use on the seepage and sent me on my way.

If I'm this much of a wuss on something this small, what will I be like if anything is really serious?

Aside from the escapee stitch, everything is healing perfectly.

Tomorrow I'm going to a darling little girl's fifth birthday party. She's a cutie - already a runner like her parents, she will be starting school next month. Big changes on the horizon for her, and her two younger sisters with that adjustment.

Monday is a summer day, and I've set up a lesson on the new sewing machine. The only real goal I had for this summer's extra days off was to go through the six lessons (three sewing and three embroidery) that are recommended on the new machine. Thanks to a late start and a few other things, I've not quite made it. With this lesson and two more on my last extra day off in September, I'll have all but one of the lessons finished.

The local crops are coming in a bit later than expected, but while I'm out at the quilt shop I plan to stop in at the Elegant Farmer. Maple syrup, fresh nuts, cider baked ham and apples are on the shopping list. Farm stands are one of the funnest parts of fall. Well, that, and standing in the middle of the Horicon marsh hearing thousands of geese honking all around you, but not seeing a single one because of the height of the marsh grasses (and the overflowing water in your eyes due to an extreme hayfever allergy reaction, but that may be just me).

Just usual stuff for the rest of the weekend - cleaning, maybe some baking, sewing and staying indoors where it is cool. Summer decided to hold back all his fury until late in the season - we just ended a short heat wave, and are due to start another (five days predicted between 88 - 92) on Sunday.

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