Friday, August 02, 2013

Ouch. Just...ouch

All is well. The procedure today successfully took out the cysts, without taking either of the two brain cells I have. The surgeon has me wrapped up like a mummy, said wrappings to stay in place until tomorrow. The wrappings are more annoying than anything else (yay for pain management!).

It's amazing, though, how quickly we humans can adapt, taking the out of the ordinary as ordinary. Today's funny comes from the drive through at Walgreens...

We dropped off the pain prescription, then went up to Subway to pick up some lunch, to give them time to fill it. When we pulled back into the drive through, the clerk asked, "It was prescription for Werle, right?"

"Hey, she remembered us," I said to Pam.

Pam just looked at my mummy-like head and laughed.

And that was before I took any painkillers.

Maybe they did clip one of those brain cells after all.

The plan for the evening is dinner (microwave cooked chicken thighs over chicken flavored couscous - the ultimate easy meal), then more dozing in front of the television with an ice pack on my head. I may or may not sleep down here in the recliner - I generally sleep on my side, on the same side where all the cutting and sewing was done.

Many thanks to the staff at Columbia St. Mary's - everyone was kind and professional.


melissa said...

Was glad to hear the "we" in that story...didn't like to think of you driving all wrapped up and goofy. :)

Hoping for a restful weekend for you and not many days of creative head wear.

Rest well, sweets.

Diane said...

LOL - "creative headwear". After the wrappings come off today, it will be baseball hats until the hair regrows. Thankfully, we are in the season of the year where my hair and nails grow like gangbusters.

melissa said...

Hello darlin'...had you on my mind, and hoping you're having a restful Sunday. :)

Diane said...

It's amazing how restless you can get when you are just lolling around doing nothing, LOL. A friend came to visit this afternoon. I'm starting to itch, which is a good thing, healing-wise. Though that also means a bit more pain. Eh. Just glad it's done.

melissa said...

Off topic, but did you know "Whitestone" on your sidebar had passed away. I used to follow her regularly, but wasn't a reader since the Spring. Sad, but sweet.

Diane said...

I did - all the blogs in the sidebar are in my bloglovin' feed, so I saw it when it was posted. Words fail me - Judy was a woman of incredible faith and steadfast service to the Lord. She is greatly missed.

melissa said...

I agree...she did stand out as a treasure.

When there's a last blog post, I always wonder what goes on that we don't see. I've known a few folks who passed away online, and it's's like they're pretend. I don't expect anything ever to happen to them. They're just supposed to stay put, you know?