Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Fading fast

Well, I made it through the day undrugged. Incisions are at the both itchy and ouchy stage, more of the former than the later, thankfully. I was doing pretty well until around two, when the headache came back. With a bit of luck, I'll make it through the workday tomorrow without downing the bottle of Advil that's in my desk drawer.

Made honey nut stir fry chicken tonight. Super easy, if you have the ingredients on hand. Chicken, carrots, honey, soy sauce, celery, cashews, orange juice and fresh ginger. I generally only have the first four on hand, but made a special point of getting the rest on the last grocery order. The whole thing takes about ten minutes to cook, once you have the veggies and meat chopped and the ginger grated. Made enough for a couple of days' lunches as well.

Cooking is actually about the only thing I've accomplished the last four days. I had a full larder, and had to feed myself. Truth to tell, I like making breakfast - for any meal. Eggs are easy and quick, no matter how you make them. And if you are going to fry up some turkey breakfast sausage, why not cook two whole containers and freeze them cooked? All you have to do then is reheat them. Just make the mess in the pan once.

Yeah, I don't have a whole lot to say. I've been watching the news, but have been actively trying to stay away from news sites. Summer time, and the living is...stress free, at least if I have anything to say about it.

Not much of summer left. Some places are already back to school, retail places are already replacing the three ring binders with bags of mini Snickers for Halloween and the State Fair is in the middle of its run. Labor Day is less than four weeks away.


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