Friday, July 19, 2013

Company Girl Coffee 071913

This is one of those days I wish I liked iced coffee - over 80 degrees and 74% humidity...when I got up at 4:30. Yikes.

The heat is supposed to break this afternoon/early evening in typical fashion, with thunder, lightening and storms. By Sunday the highs will be in the seventies, and on Sunday I plan to sit outside and enjoy the patio, which hasn't been possible this last week because of the heat.

Last Saturday my sweet young quilter friend came over so I could embroider the baby's name on a small wall hanging she had made. A (bad) picture is at the link. Monday I stepped out of my culinary box and cooked a more-or-less Indian dish. That was a success, and will take a spot in the rotation.

A high school friend is in town for the week, and we're trying to set up a time to meet. It's a busy time at work, and I've got other obligations that can't be moved. I think we may have settled on Monday night.

Next week Friday I won't be around for coffee, as I will be seeing my plastic surgeon (I love saying that :). It's not a big deal: I've a couple of largish cysts on my scalp he's going to remove. Some ice packs and tylenol comprise the whole of the recovery instructions.

Being a woman, one of my first questions for him (not the very first; I didn't want to seem vain) was, "Just how much of my hair are you going to shave off?"

Can you blame me? I'd like to know just how much I'm going to resemble a molting blackbird, so I can take appropriate headwear steps. At the moment, I've black and khaki baseball hats that may do the trick, depending on what he does. There is a possibility I'll need something that comes down a bit further on the side.

Either way, it proves a prime opportunity to test out the ability of the new machine to embroider on hats. I've some very pretty flower motifs, and I'm itching to try one on at least one of the caps. Who knows? I could start a new trend.

That about covers it. (hee - bad pun) Prayers would be appreciated for the procedure - finding the right room, guidance for the doctor and the nurses, and avoidance of infection (which I gather is fairly common in this particular procedure). I'll let you all know how it goes (and post pictures of the hats).

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