Saturday, June 15, 2013

No alcohol was consumed in the writing of this post

But the way I plan to reel from topic to topic, you may think otherwise.

Quilting - As soon as I hit post on this, I plan to sit down in front of a movie, with a glass of wine and a quilt binding to sew down. This quilt will be finished tonight, except for the label, which I plan to create in embroidery rather than my usual stamp-and-color method. The quilt is a gift, so it will be a will yet before I can post a picture of it.

Coffee - Just got home from coffee with a good girlfriend. It's so very nice to just get out and chat, drink coffee we didn't have to make and eat cookies we didn't have to bake. Something new, as well: Starbucks has started doing pour overs of their regular coffee. Apparently, it's an economy move: they typically make a new big pot of their regular brews every couple of hours to keep it fresh, and they found that later in the day, that meant a lot of dumped out coffee. People like me who order plain coffee at three o'clock in the afternoon get a fresh brewed cup if they brew it via pour over.

Unfortunately (and surprisingly), the barista didn't actually know how to do it well. The key is to evenly saturate the grounds, and to do that, you need to pour the water in a spiral around the grounds, not just dump it in. Still, it was better than getting a cup of coffee that had been sitting in a thermal carafe for several hours.

Weather - We are supposed to get a round of thunderstorms yet this afternoon. It rained early on, and for some scientific reason, if we got enough sun after that, it could trigger storms later. Something about the air heating up and becoming unstable? It was muggy and sunny when I got to Starbucks, cooler and slightly overcast when we left.  I like a good summer rain, though things are beginning to look a bit waterlogged.

Labs - Monday morning I need to go in and have blood draw for some lab tests in advance of my annual physical the following Monday. The only issue I have with the lab is that they don't open until 8:30. That's practically midday by my daily clock, and I can't have any food or coffee beforehand. Ugh. Good thing I'm off that day; I'd hate to impose grumpy pre-caffeine me on my coworkers.

Aural illusions - While falling asleep last night, I could have sworn I heard the sound of the Indy Cars at the Milwaukee Mile. It is Indyfest weekend, however, 1) the cars don't run that late at night, and 2) I'm miles and miles further away than I was when I lived in West Allis, and the sound would not travel that far. I finally figured out that it may have been motorcycles cruising the main drag half a mile away. The 110th anniversary for Harley-Davidson is coming up at the end of August, and many local enthusiasts are gearing up to celebrate. A major after-market accessory and gear retailer is just a mile or so away; we see a lot of bikes all year round.

That about covers it for now. Church early tomorrow, then home to start machine quilting another kid's quilt. It is entirely possible that quilt will be finished this weekend as well. There are five more in the hopper to be quilted, however, all five of those need to be layered. I may need to twist the arm of the friend who helped layer these to make a return visit to help do the rest.

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