Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Lunchtime thoughts

It may be a sign my life needs a bit of excitement, but I'm inordinately thrilled that I have a new lunch bag.

I've been using an insulated tote that was part of the giveaways at our office Christmas party three years ago. The giveaways come from the stash of goodies our vendors ply the purchasing department with, so the tote is emblazoned with the name of a local credit union. But it served well.

Lately, though, the lining has come unsewn along one edge, revealing the foam underbelly. Then last Thursday, the zipper pull tab broke in half.

When I was growing up, my mother insisted on using a wringer washer (in fact, when the old, old one broke beyond repair, she bought what must have been the only new wringer washer left in any first world country - that was in around 1975). I have looooong experience dealing with broken zipper tabs.

I hate them.

So off to Amazon to find a new bag. Dimensions are important, as I pack enough food to feed an army (breakfast, lunch and two snacks, yet I'm losing weight. Go, me!). All of the really pretty options had obvious flaws - too small, magnetic snap closure rather than zipper, too big, too narrow...

Yes, I ended up with one almost identical to the one I have. A prettier blue, no logo and just a smidge bigger, but basically the same bag.

Nothing like consistency.

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