Sunday, April 28, 2013

Time distortion

How can a day seem to stretch out forever, yet actually run short on time? I seem to be stuck in that situation today.

It started with being on the media team for church. We put the actual slides together on Sunday morning (not my preference, but I'm trying to go with the flow here...). The first service starts at nine, so band, tech team and various others start their "thing" by eight. I generally go out for coffee and breakfast beforehand, so you can see how the day starts fairly early.

(Though not quite as early as on a weekday - I actually sleep an extra half hour on Sunday mornings - woo hoo!)

By the time the second service wrapped up (that service generally lets out between 12:15 - 12:30) and I did some chatting with friends, it was getting on to one o'clock. Pick up a sub for lunch. Eat lunch, read a bit.

Realize there are some green peppers that need to be cut up, as well as lunches to be planned. Start working on that. The same basic plan from last week holds for this week, though instead of putting tuna salad on a green salad, the tuna is mixed with salsa and rolled in a tortilla (why yes, the tuna and tortilla are packed separately - I hate leaky, limp food). There's still a green salad as a side, plus all the usual suspects (apple and pretzels to round out lunch, yogurt and cereal for one snack, string cheese and crackers for another). Three days of lunches are packed and ready to go.

Gah. Eating fresh and healthy takes time and planning.

Then on to making dinner...two small pork tenderloins are roasting, filling the house with the scent of piggy goodness. Potatoes are slowly frying on the stovetop (too tired to do anything creative with them at the moment). Green beans or carrots to round it out. There should be enough leftovers for dinner Monday and Tuesday, plus a pork sandwich for Thursday's lunch.

All of a sudden it's six o'clock - just enough time to eat dinner, clean up a bit and settle in for Once Upon a Time. After that, it's lights out.

You know you envy my exciting life.

Actually, I'm glad for a quiet weekend. This coming week is a bit frenetic, by my standards. Tuesday night I've the block-of-the-month quilt class. Wednesday I'm catching up with a friend over dinner. Friday the Crazy Canasta Chicks are meeting, at a Chick's new condo that is a solid half hour away from home. Saturday is our annual homeowners' association meeting.

(This is one time I'm thankful this particular condo grouping skews old. Ordinarily, I'd complain about the meeting being at 1 p.m. and breaking up what looks to be a sunny, warm day. Given I'll be out carousing the night before (or at least getting beat at cards whilst laughing a lot), I'm happy to be able to sleep in without fearing I'll miss the meeting.)

Just checked the pork - right on temperature, so out it came to rest for a few minutes. The only thing that could smell better than this does right now is if it had been done on the grill outside, giving it a little bit of that charcoal flavor.

Maybe next weekend...


melissa said...

I seriously enjoy puttery posts when a friend tells the details of an ordinary life. I find it grounding and somehow satisfying. Just puttery information, but I do so like it! :)

Diane said...

Puttery is all I have lately, and life here certainly is ordinary.

Will think of you Wednesday - my friend and I are having dinner at the place that has chickens running around in the summer (including up on the huge wraparound porch that is open for dining). I had a couple pictures in a post last July.

For now, I need to wander into the sewing room to get things together for class. The timing is tight, from work to home to pick up the machine (wouldn't dare leave it in the car all day at work) then almost an hour out to the quilt shop. Grab a bite to eat in there - still hard to get to class and get set up by six.