Friday, April 26, 2013


Early this month I posted a link to one of the six state falcon nesting boxes put up by We Energies. Well, the first chick has come out to face the world; the rest won't be too far behind.

One of the local nesting boxes not far from my house is here. We should see some hatching activity in the next week or so. If I remember correctly, the feathered bundles of cuteness and talons will fledge sometime 45-50 days after hatching.  I think there are three eggs in this particular nest.

Local temperatures are finally going up to close to seventy over the next week, perhaps as high as 75 by Tuesday. Maybe the nest-sitters will feel confident enough to move a bit off the eggs so we can see if there is any progress.

The utility projects the hatch date for this particular box at May 2 - 4.

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