Saturday, April 13, 2013

Another day, another couple movies

This whole inner ear imbalance thing is truly slowing me down. I'm tired, cranky, and still get a tad dizzy if I turn too quickly or bend down for too long. Heck, picking a couple of potatoes out of the bin for supper set my world to turning.

The up side of the down time, so to speak, is the chance to cycle through some movies.

This afternoon I ran off Cleopatra - the Elizabeth Taylor/Richard Burton version, which I'd seen once, decades ago. Ms. Taylor is simply stunning, and the production itself is lush and gorgeous.

The movie is, however, at least an hour over-long. They could have condensed the portion of the film before the intermission (why yes, there was an intermission) to a five minute voice-over, and it would have been better for it. Rex Harrison seemed to have taken Julius Caesar's status as a deity a bit much to heart, given the amount of overacting he lavished all over the first act.

Eh, it gave me time to take a couple of cat naps without losing the thread of the narrative.

In a minute I'll go back and finish the last bit of Argo. I felt I probably should see it, simply because it won for Best Picture, but I'm finding myself enjoying it. I was a college student during the hostage crisis, and too busy in my own little world to pay much attention to things happening in a country on the other side of the world. In spite of that, the movie is bringing a lot of old memories to light.

Did I ever mention I had an Iranian roommate for part of the second semester of my freshman year (spring, 1978)? That's a story for another time.

In spite of the still present urge to loll around, I need to get a few things done tomorrow. A trip to an actual grocery store, making a batch of soup for lunches, finishing up the laundry and a bit of cleaning are the primary tasks. I'm currently trying to finish up The Coffeeist Manifesto: No More Bad Coffee! so may carve out an hour to read.


Mrs. The Chad said...

Mom and Dad and I really enjoyed watching Argo. It was exciting, well-written, and well acted, in my opinion. I hope you liked it!

Diane said...

I liked it very much - even liked the face fur on Ben Affleck. Amazing the job the people in the covert services do, and at such risk to themselves. Great movie.