Saturday, August 18, 2012

Slipping through the fingers

Time, that is. It's almost noon and I've yet to start quilting. As soon as I get up from here...

I was home by nine from my hair appointment, but I had not eaten anything, and more importantly, hadn't had any coffee. So yogurt, strawberries and a huge mug of coffee were the first order of business, along with reading a couple of chapters of a current book.

Two hours ago I wandered upstairs, thinking to finally change out the light bulbs in the upstairs bath. Not only due the CFS give off a strange color (and the walls of that bath are the not-orange that makes everyone look like an Oompa Loompa anyway), but the bulbs take a while to come to full brightness when the bathroom is cold, which it generally is at 4:45 a.m.

The switch out to 75 watt incandescents took about a minute; it was upon turning on the lights after the installation that I realized it was the socket that had burnt out, not the bulb. The room is still much brighter and cheerier with just the three bulbs working, but the situation sent me to the computer to look for a new fixture.

A good portion of the research has already been done, as I'm planning to replace the vanity light in the downstairs bath. That fixture is identical to the one upstairs in everything but length. Unfortunately, the fixture I originally picked out is out of stock on-line - and is an on-line exclusive not sold in the store. Drat. To make things more difficult, the polished chrome finish I want seems to be out of style at the moment. But I've found something I like; I just need to remeasure the downstairs fixture before I order them.

Wandering through a virtual hardware store is dangerous. The "nook" in the loft needs only the addition of doors to become a wonderful closet, so off I went searching for closet doors.

Oh my.

The good news is that I have a distinct set of parameters; the bad news is that closet doors are depressingly...depressing. Granted, I'm a bit spoiled, having lived my entire life until now in places with solid wood, two- or four-paneled stained and varnished doors on every doorway, including the closets. Still...

I did finally find a nice, bi-fold solid wood door. Naturally, I need two of them, in the widest width possible, as the nook opening is sizable. Pine is less expensive, but the oak will look better.

It's time to sit down and work out a budget, then bundle things into a several-day project for my handyman. It will be nice to knock out a couple of the smaller projects. Though once the new vanity lights are up, I'll need to paint the bathrooms...

You're never really done, are you?

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Janis Gore said...

Nevah. My bathrooms need painting, too. And the bedrooms.