Sunday, August 19, 2012

Day before Monday

It always seems to make it to Sunday evening much more quickly than I anticipate.

I can't really complain; it's been a good weekend, all things considered. At long last the baby quilt layers were pinned together and the binding made. I like to have the binding made before I start machine quilting; once the machine quilting is done, I'm in no mood to fuss around making the binding. If it is ready, I can put it on right away and be well on the way to completely done.

A high school friend came over Friday afternoon. It was nice to sit and chat, but nicer knowing she had to be gone by a certain time. I already had introvert-type plans for the weekend, and a slew of errands and other things to get done Friday in order to hibernate for the rest of the weekend. By the time she came over around 1:30, I had already worked my half day, met for an hour with the nutritionist and gone grocery shopping.

Saturday morning didn't start out so ambitious (see the previous post), but in the end, the quilt was layered.

Today has been a strange day. I'm still extremely tired, and spent most of the day reading, in spite of needing to start work on the machine quilting. Eh, it happens. I'm off to bed shortly, trying to gradually erase my sleep deficit.

Wednesday is a vacation day; the plan is to wander the country backroads, visiting the quilt shop and the big farm store along the way. It's probably a bit soon to hope the farm store has this season's apples yet, but I can at least pick up some information about the pick-your-own weekends. They do it up right - hayrides to the orchards, cinnamon ice cream, fresh baked pies, all sorts of other baked goods and country crafts. Have I mentioned how much I love fall?

Although it was still pretty warm, we had delightful thunderstorms this morning/afternoon. The main storm stuck around for about half an hour, but at random intervals, the sky would open up again for five minutes or so. The patio would start to dry, and a couple of hours later, it would rain again.

Time to toddle off to bed, I suppose, though I only have a few more pages (I think) in the fourth Harry Potter book to finish. I've run out the batteries on both Kindles, so I'll have to finish it on the cloud reader. Remind me not to pick up the next one until after the quilt is done.


melissa said...

You sound rested, sweets, and I'm happy for you for that. And a holiday-day for you...wonderful. Hey, can you pick me up on the way out of town? ;) I like apples.

Diane said...

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