Friday, July 13, 2012

Still here...

This wasn't an intentional bloggy break, though I've not been paying as much attention as I probably should. Mind wanders, often, and generally along paths that are either uninteresting to others (or would take too much explanation) or not for general sharing. A few things currently going on -

In a fit of optimism, I ordered a cute baby quilt kit for a shower on August 28th. Never mind that the sewing room isn't empty, much less usable for sewing. I learned to sew at the dining room table, the very table that now sits in my own dining room. The real question is whether or not I can finish it in time. I'll post pics if I do.

It's become apparent that the first real work of any kind on the condo needs to be a rebuilding of the basement stairs. They are my main means of entry, and while they are solid enough, not having a landing at the top of the stairs on which to rest the bags of groceries while opening the door is getting old. But having the work done means clearing out the basement...most of which is boxes to be broken down. Eh. One good Saturday afternoon and it should be done.

I would have said, "One good rainy Saturday afternoon", but we've had no real rain since sometime in May. There used to be a 30% chance of rain for Saturday night, but they've taken that out of the forecast.

Oh - our temps are going back into the low to mid nineties for Saturday through Tuesday.

One of our "wellness" opportunities is consultation with a nutritionist. My first appointment is later this morning. I probably already know more than the average bear, but I have some questions. The nutritionist is a former Marine; if anyone can whip me into line, it's she.

Too many books, not enough time. My fiction marathon continues with a military science fiction novel, Temporary Duty by Ric Locke. Not my normal cup of coffee (it must have been free), but after moving slowly through the first couple of chapters, it picked up a bit, as did my enjoyment. Unfortunately, the narrative took a strange turn five chapters or so from the end; I've just a couple to finish and I'm not quite sure I like it anymore. Eh. Meanwhile, I've probably downloaded three more (free) books.

The Kindle may not have been such a good idea...though better reading than watching mindless television, I suppose.

I've volunteered for the tech crew at church. It's something I've done before (running the computer for the video screens) so except for learning the software, it shouldn't take long to get up to speed. The worship team does rather jump around, but if you pay enough attention, they do subtly signal where they intend to land.

Besides, they have to be nice to the tech crew, as we have the ability to render them silent.

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