Sunday, July 15, 2012

On a Sunday afternoon

It is heating up once again outside, but this time the Heat Miser (name that television special) brought along his consort, Lady Humidity. Ugh. Only in the high nineties tomorrow, but the heat index should be much closer to 110 degrees. Shoot me now.

Two days of this, then back to a seasonal low eighties, until next weekend, when the infernal roller coaster begins another upswing.

The electric bill for this period won't arrive until sometime the beginning of next week, but I've a feeling the almost two months' worth of billing credit I've got built up will evaporate faster than the .01" of rain we had yesterday morning. Ah least I'm cool.

The plan is to spend the afternoon puttering. Yesterday around dinnertime I tore apart some of the kitchen, most notably the stove. Yet another reason to hate the electric stove: to thoroughly clean it, you need to pull out the actual burners, remove and wash the drip pans AND reach down into the stove itself to clean the surface under the burners. I miss my sealed-top gas stove.

Regular maintenance is one thing, but every so often it's nice to really dig down and get everything sparkling.

That won't take long, then it is on to reorganizing the miscellaneous kitchen implements, AKA the junk drawer. A bit ago I picked up a small set of stacking plastic drawers; anything not being used daily is going to be sorted and stored. The stack will fit in the space vacated on the pantry shelves by moving some of the baking stuff to the space under the small island, which currently lives in the dining's all a bit of a domino game, and thoroughly fun.

At least until the point where you've just had enough of it.

Assuming I make it past that point and the dining table is cleared off, the next order of business is to...QUILT. The last time I used the sewing machine was a year ago June. Really. Not planning to use it today, but to cut out the pieces of the baby quilt. More accurately, to cut out the background and whale applique pieces, so I can get that sucker sewn during the evenings this week. With a bit of determination, a goodly portion of the top can be done before next weekend.


melissa said...

I agree about the good feeling from deep cleaning. Supposedly (or supposobly, as we say 'round these parts) I'm going to do the same for the remaining days of July. Deep clean. Repeat after me. Does depend on how energetic I feel tomorrow, but the heart really is willing.

Reading about your enthusiasm gets me a bit revved up. :) Just a bit.

Diane said...

I've done the "junk" drawer (really a catch all) and the drawer and underneath of the island - grouped all the baking type gadgets together and pretty much washed everything else down (toothbrush on the sink edge, even)and feel pretty good about it.

The small size of the kitchen makes it imperative that it be well organized...I keep tweaking it. Just about the time I figure out the optimal arrangement, I'll finally have the cash in hand to remodel.

Now, of course, it's dinner time, and I don't want to mess up the kitchen by cooking!