Monday, July 02, 2012

New city blues

The 4th of July parade in my new city sounds awesome - the parade is creeping up towards twice as long as it has been in past years, there is a festival with pie-eating contests, bands, demos and other fun all the way from noon until the fireworks in the local park.

One of the units in the parade is the UW Marching Band, who will also do one of their "Fifth Quarter" performances during the festival.

The bad news? It's still going to be beastly hot and humid on Wednesday, though not the near-100 degrees slated for tomorrow. The parade steps off around noon; there is no shade along the parade route.

Maybe next year.


Joy Foucault said...

Bring an Umbrella!

melissa said...

Cool to know what's going on in your neck of the woods, but I get the heat thing. I'd likely stay inside as well. :)

Diane said...

Umbrellas are still pretty porous, as my poor face found out the morning I sat on the patio reading for a couple of hours (from 9 to 11 - not even the dangerous part of the day). I just don't do heat well. It's time to check my meds again; I think some of them warn about sun exposure. I tossed the sunscreen when I was packing in the fall, as it was pretty old.