Tuesday, July 03, 2012

3rd of July

Who is doing what for the Fourth?

Crazy people, including some of my friends, started camping out at the lakefront last night to secure prime viewing locations for the big fireworks show. The pretties launch off barges in the lake, angling over the lake, presenting minimal fire danger.

The true danger lies in trying to leave the lakefront at the same time as well over half a million others, who are in various stages of fatigue/crankiness/inebriation.

Much, much nicer to stay home, viewing the show on television in air-conditioned comfort, with access to amenities that do not include the prefix "Porta-".

Prior to the start of the fireworks, I'd like to screen my favorite movie: Independence Day. Nothing says happy Fourth of July like watching the country be decimated by aliens.

Tomorrow, a plan to camp early in a coffeeshop, racing through the second Harry Potter book. Yes, I've finally succumbed to the lure of the wizard world, primarily due to the ability to read them at no cost through Amazon's lending library. Unfortunately, you may only check out one book per month, or I would have read them all by now.

If the little trolls that routinely curse my attempts at anything out of my computer-ish normal will cooperate, something special will be posted tomorrow.

In between bites of brats and flurries of fireworks, as a pause between rounds of water balloon fights, remember to take the time to say a prayer of thanksgiving for those who stood up for what they believed was right, were willing to back up their words with action and laid the foundation for a country exceptional and unique.

We are incredibly blessed to be part of it.

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melissa said...

Yeah, we're playing it cool here as well, love. One son will grill hamburgers but maybe only my mom for company. I'm not in the mood for guests, so maybe we can avoid that. Sometimes less really is more! :)