Thursday, June 28, 2012

Taxation with representation

Eh. Saying much about SCOTUS' ruling on Obamacare would be superfluous, given all the informed commentary out there. I'm disappointed, but not surprised. Just a few random thoughts:

The Republicans need to throw in Obama's face the fact that the court ruled the mandate is a tax, and liberally rebroadcast the clips of Obama insisting, insisting, by gosh, that it is not a tax.

They need to be careful of the prevailing winds when they throw however; the irony of the situation is that Romney's healthcare mess in MA was the model for the ACA. Some of the taxpayer ire may blow back on him.

Some are equating this decision with an Obama win in November; on the contrary, I think this will not only stir up a lethargic Tea Party, but will get more people involved and possibly put Romney over the top come election day.

Where will all the Canadians go to receive quality healthcare now?

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