Friday, June 29, 2012

Company Girls Coffee 062912

There's coffee in the pot, but you may prefer lemonade; it is still steamy outside. The humidity is dropping, however, bringing a bit of comfort back to the air.

Last Saturday, I finally roasted Monstro the chicken. One of the joys of being single is that the "cook once, eat twice" meal preparation shortcut becomes "cook once, eat for a week". The key is being inventive with what you do with the leftovers. All told, I think I got nine ten outright meals plus a larger container of shredded meat to freeze out of one almost eight pound chicken.

By the time the carcass was picked clean, I was too tired of playing with chicken to use it for stock.

Lighter fare on the menu for the weekend. There's a tomato tart I'd like to try (pie crust topped with slightly carmelized onions, grated swiss cheese and sliced tomatoes, plus a few herbs) tonight, and some biscotti to bake for the TWD challenge.

My half day off this afternoon will be spent at Panera, enjoying a bagel and working on catching up on the 90 Day Bible reading. Much easier to read when I'm not thinking about the housework and other things I should be doing at home.

Oh yes - this week I became a great aunt. My niece had a boy; Lucas William finally made his appearance at 7 pounds, 8 ounces. His parents are thrilled, as is the rest of the family.


Erin Perry said...

Sounds like a busy week! My hats off to you for using the leftovers for that many meals! I usually can only handle leftovers for one more meal, maybe two.

melissa said...

Two things...congrats. to the baby's family AND the tomato tart sounds dishy. I've heard of those, but have never made one. Will you share (hint-hint) :)

Anonymous said...

Now I'm just hungry. :p

Congrats to your niece!! Lots of babies this summer.

Katharine said...

Congrats on becoming a great aunt! It is hot here as well... we're staying cool, hope you are too!