Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A whole lotta shakin' going on

While snow is burying the east, we managed to have ourselves a little earthquake. Little as in 3.8, and centered in DeKalb, Ill. Still, it was enough to wake people up, coming at 3:59 a.m. It would have woken me up, had I not already been awake.

Just a bit of rattling, not much else. Still, I'm blaming my subsequent dream of an oversized hamster, an end-over-end flip off the bed (the hamster, not me) and a tug of war using a pillowcase (me and the hamster; I won) on the quake.

Our most common natural disasters are tornados, for which we do get a bit of warning. Earthquakes, on the other hand, are sneaky things; the ground we take for granted proves itself to be unreliable.

This morning was a fresh reminder to continue supporting aid to Haiti, both financially and spiritually.

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