Friday, February 05, 2010

Company Girls Coffee - late to the party edition

Welcome, ladies! For those of you who would rather not drink coffee so late in the day, I have hot chocolate. Meanwhile, I'm enjoying my first cup of the day.

Busy week, with more busyness to come, most of it work-based. For all the whining I've done over the last few weeks, I am infinitely grateful for the care our heavenly Father takes of me, and the unearned blessings He bestows. Work may be driving me out of my mind, but I have good, interesting employment when so many do not have any. The dryer may have died, but His provision meant there was enough in the account to pay for the repairs right away. People all around me are hurting in ways I cannot alleviate, but I can be confident He hears my prayers for them, and will provide comfort, grace and strength to get through.

A new look here, in time for Valentine's Day. Pink and grey, pink and brown, pink and yellow - some of my favorite color combinations, though I rarely wear them (pale pink makes me look like a zombie). Do any of you have favorite color combinations you don't ever wear, for one reason or another?

Now, I'm off to vacuum the foyer rug...doing well so far this month and want to keep it up!

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