Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Beware of flying brain fragments

Things that make my head explode, the "Duh" version"

1. President Obama feels the need to attempt to ram down our throats, present a "compromise" health care bill, because obviously, the little people are concerned about the "increases they foresee in premiums". Does he think we're stupid? Wait - strike that - he does.

2. In a random blog/news outlet wander, I came across an opinion piece (Chronicle of Higher Ed, maybe?) that asked a number of academics to comment on whether tenure granting processes need to be radically changed in light of the Amy Bishop case. When I got to the point where one professor said that one reason tenure is so highly sought after (other than, gee, guaranteed job for life) is the applicant's "need to be part of the elite intellectual's reshaping of society", brain matter began leaking out of my ears and I had to stop reading. We have an "intellectual" running the country now. To steal from Dr. Phil, how's that workin' for ya? Strike that - you think it is.

3. In local news, the Stadium and Wisconsin Center Districts have - gasp - seen the collections on their stadium and expo taxes decline drastically. Seems unemployed and underemployed people are saving what little money they have, resulting in smaller tax collections. The "new" estimate for the sunset of the stadium tax is (maybe) 2018. I called it when it was established in 1996: it will never go away.

4. In lighter local news, the state has now mandated sex education in public schools. Our kids are now free to mate make like rabbits, because they will have "accurate information, that it be medically correct, that it be age appropriate...". But the money quote from our soon to be ousted governor? "...and that we not have political ideology make the decision on what is taught to our young people...". Er, isn't that just what you've done?

My head is no longer in imminent danger of exploding. Thank you.

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