Sunday, February 21, 2010

Back away from the monitor

Licking the monitor won't do you any good; this cake is staying on my side of the computer.

Craft day was a rousing success. While Pam's daughter-in-law needed to stay home and tend to a sick child (she said it was much easier now that her little girl was old enough to recognize the signs that she was going to throw up, rather than doing so without warning, but still...unpleasant), one of the students who works in my office, sweet R., joined us.

Of the three of us, it may appear that I did the least actual crafting, but in truth, I was able to solicit opinions on the quilting on one quilt and the patchwork pattern for another, as well as narrowing down the fabric choices for the second. Pam cut out all the pieces for one of the grandkids' quilts, and R. tied the baby quilt she needs to have done by the middle of this week.

The flourless chocolate cake (I'll post the recipe later) put us all in a chocolate coma. I managed to send three pieces home with each of the ladies, leaving me with what you see here; it is enough for dessert tonight and a slice for lunch tomorrow.

It's amazing how indulging in a little bit of creativity (even if you need to schedule it several weeks in advance) can change your outlook. God is the ultimate Creator; if we are made in His image, it makes perfect sense that we can delight in exercising some of the creativity He passes on to us. I feel rested, balanced and much less frazzled, even though it took two nights of cooking and three nights of cleaning to get ready.

Tonight, I will clear off the extended sewing/quilting table, setting things up to resume machine quilting on the quilt I had set aside. Fifteen to twenty minutes a day, and a few longer sessions on the weekends, and I may be done by Easter.

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