Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The little things

It's funny what a difference the little things can make. Things that, in the larger scale of events, are really too small to mention. At the same time, they smooth out a few of life's bumps, make things a little easier or just make you smile.

Amazing what a new dish drainer can do.

Alright - mine has been dying the slow death for over a year. The nice, gentle-to-ceramic-and-china-dishes vinyl covering the wire has finally dried up, cracked and started to peel. The drain board has long had a cracked corner, spilling more water onto the counter than back into the sink.

It's not one of those things that's a priority on the shopping list, but I finally purchased a new one tonight. And I brought home a new shower curtain liner as well (hey, may as well go whole hog). Neither one is terribly important, except for the fact both are used daily. Replacing them made life just a tiny little bit easier and less stressful.

Some days, that's all we can ask.

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