Monday, January 18, 2010

Jack's back

Semi-obligatory post on the return of 24 - some observations:

1. No one had better call Jack "Grandpa" except his granddaughter.

2. We're back to country-of-unknown-origin Middle Eastern bad guys, at least for the moment. I'm still expecting Jack's father to show up again.

3. The actor playing the head bad guy once appeared as a shape-shifting teenager on The X-Files, in two episodes that freak me out to this day. If he starts to chew on paper, watch out.

4. Jack's upgraded his messenger bag to leather. Stylish, but heavier than canvas - it might slow him down.

5. The exterior light in New York is very odd.

6. Katee Sackhoff's character is even more annoying than Chloe. I have a feeling her "secret" may win the award for lamest sub-plot for the year.

7. Nice to know we are now interrogating terror suspects with...biometrics.

8. It is interesting that CTU-NY seems to be extremely underfunded - perhaps the producers way of warning our government that this is the kind of thing that can happen if we don't adequately fund the war on terror? And we certainly don't have a real-life Jack Bauer to get us out of a jam.

9. The producers seem to share the same view of the United Nations as most non-political people do - a useless, toothless collection of gasbags.

10. It is disappointing that the first "thigh shot" was not Jack's, but the bad guy's.

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