Saturday, November 28, 2009

Checking in

Hmm. Didn't intentionally mean to go radio silent for a few days; I've just felt a bit empty headed of late.

Make of that what you will.

Thanksgiving was double the fun, as I spent the late morning/early afternoon with one set of friends, and the late afternoon/evening with another.

The morning was spent with my friend Pam at her son and daughter-in-law's home; I may have mentioned at some point that they have four children under the age of five? The oldest three will be turning 6, 5 and 4 respectively during the next week while the youngest will have to wait until March to turn two. Let's just say it was a very stimulating visit.

While I was there, Grace called and invited me to their celebration as well. While "Ms. Spontaneous" is not my middle name, Grace is one of the best hostesses I know, and I was already in her neighborhood. Somehow, I managed to arrive fifteen minutes before dinner...

Er, no, I did not eat a second dinner; Grace did send home a plate of wonderful leftovers with me, though.

Grace's kids are maturing into delightful, talented young adults and it was wonderful to spend time with them (none of them tried to stick baby carrots in their noses, which was an improvement over the younger set, earlier)(um, and not just because Grace didn't serve baby carrots; I'm sure they wouldn't have done it anyway)(Pardon me while I remove my foot from my mouth keyboard).

Interesting and delightful co-workers rounded out the table. After a rousing round or so of Catchphrase, Grace and her oldest son skunked me at Scrabble (using all my letters on the first word played in the first game apparently used up all my brain cells as well; it was a rout from then on).

Black Friday - left the house at 4:36 - p.m. that is, only to move the car to the other side of the street. Laundry, quilting, cooking, two naps...lazy day.

Today, out to coffee early to finish up some things, then back for lunch and a bit of surfing. As soon as I hit "post" I plan to mix up another batch of molasses cookies I need for work Wednesday, and perhaps a batch of Tollhouse cookies for me.

As you can see, a fairly low-key, relaxing weekend. I needed it, as some changes are in the wind.

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