Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Midweek muttering

Woke up - or rather, grudgingly, slowly, unhappily opened my eyes - this morning in a bit of a snit, prompted primarily by insufficient sleep mixed with a never-ending cold. I decided yesterday to take Friday off; since then, the week has dragged.

We had the first meeting for the 1 Peter study last night; what a wonderful group of ladies. If I get a chance, my plan is to do a quick summary here of each week's lesson. We'll see how that goes...

Last night was also my first Starbucks Signature Hot Chocolate of the season. While it's not particularly cold out, I've felt just a bit chilled for the last week. This is the time of year when it is easier to gauge the outside temperature than the inside temp. It seems as if I'm constantly either grabbing for a sweater or stripping off layers.

Card party Friday night...I have the roast cooked, shredded and frozen, ready to thaw and throw in gravy (yay, me) and most of the cleaning done. Friday will also see the debut of this years' flourless chocolate cake: lots of butter, lots of chocolate, amaretto and eggs to bind it together - what's not to like?

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