Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mish mash

Truly, I didn't intend to post nothing of substance for the last week or so (some would argue - rightly - this post won't break that streak). Things have been both busy and...not.

The long weekend became longer by taking Tuesday off. That just happened to be the day before the release date for the remastered Beatles' catalogue. Starbucks was piping in nothing but Beatles stuff, it seemed. No complaints from me (though maybe from others as I was singing along under my breath - did I ever mention I can sing pretty much everything they ever recorded?).

Heh - got my comeuppance this afternoon, when I was trying to study at that same Starbucks. Once again, Beatles filled the air (later stuff this time - Sgt. Pepper). The woman at the table behind me was singing - most decidedly NOT sotto voce. And not on key, either.

I moved.

Friday afternoon we held our departmental picnic, at the park attached to the Mitchell Park Domes. The pavilion is nice, for a pavilion, with a pretty lagoon right out the door. I'm fairly certain I saw a blue heron taking off from the water. We weren't bothered at all by the fact that a body had been found in the park just a few days previously...

Too hot to quilt, but a friend helped me go through my stash and pull a bit of fabric for the never-ending parade of wedding quilts. Naturally, the one for which I have the most fabric is the one for which I haven't picked a pattern.

The old garage slab was jackhammered out sometime when I wasn't around - yay! But I did discover why my landlord was messing around in the backyard so much: all of the weeds flowers that were pulled in order to put in the new garage are now in pots on the side of the house, awaiting replanting. Seriously, if he puts them back in, and the path to the garbage cans is still overgrown with weeds stuff, I'm going to start tossing my garbage bags over the porch railing into the back yard.

Anticipating a challenging week at work, mostly for people-issue reasons. For the life of me, I don't understand what is so difficult about doing the job you are expected (and paid) to do. You've no real reason to get angry when I refuse to do it for you. I'll gladly let you bounce ideas off of me, but please, the actual execution is your responsibility.

Need to go type up some notes. Better stuff is on the way...maybe.

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