Monday, September 14, 2009

Lemons into lemon gummies

In desperate need of a mid-morning sugar fix, I swiped my card through the vending machine and pushed the buttons needed to dispense a life-sustaining Snickers bar. Distracted by a young man on his way into the Rec Plex for his morning workout (having offices in the same building as a dorm tower and recreation center does have some intangible benefits), I didn't watch the candy fall.

Retrieving any vending item is an adventure. The theft-deterrent devices make it necessary to blindly stick your arm through a narrow slot (almost up to the elbow) and grope around until you hit pay dirt. I grabbed what I thought was the Snickers, only to realize the package...squished.

It was a package of fruit snacks, rather than the longed-for chocolate. As it turned out, the candy bar was also there.

Here's to the unexpected blessings we are given.

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