Friday, August 14, 2009

Seven quick takes 081409

Let's see if I can come up with seven; life is rather dull at the moment.

1. A friend's little girl is turning one year old this month; I've been invited for cake and ice cream on the 30th. Sometime this weekend, I'd like to pull down my old patterns. Once upon a time, I made a number of darling little girl dresses out of pretty flowered cotton fabrics, with elaborately beribboned yoke-style collars. I'm getting the urge again, although this time, I'm thinking of making the collar detachable.

2. I'm thinking of leading an eight week study through 1Peter beginning in October. After the Revelation study last spring, I need something shorter and less controversial. The theme of 1 Peter is suffering as a Christian - the suffering that comes from living a life that is out of step with the rest of the world, not the type arising from direct persecution. I need to run this past a few people on Sunday, then order a copy of the study guide to start prep work.

3. "A bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils..." That line from You've Got Mail gets to me as much as it got to Meg Ryan's character. I adore school supplies, particularly fine pointed pens and narrow ruled notebooks. Opening a new book for the first time - any subject - still holds a thrill. There was always a sense of great things just over the horizon, new knowledge to be gained, new worlds to be explored and more during those first few days of school. Even if the promise of great things wasn't quite fulfilled, I enjoyed the journey.

4. Now that it is almost fall, summer has finally arrived. The weekend will be hot and muggy - my least favorite weather. Aside from a bit of cleaning, all I plan to do is camp in front of a couple of movies. Blockbuster by Mail offered up two movies from TNT's The Librarian trio. The movies star Noah Wyle as a librarian at the Metropolitan Public Library charged with protecting the "special" collection. Think geeky brainiac meets Indiana Jones, with quite a bit of action and humor. Bob Newhart and Jane Curtain co-star.

5. Yesterday a coworker and I were scheduled to attend a meeting at 2 p.m. at the other end of campus. Both of us have official hours of 7:30 to 3:30; both of us are usually in the office at least an hour ahead of time, and periodically stay much later than our quit time. She poked her head in my office early yesterday morning to ask me whether or not I was planning to come back to our office after the meeting. I laughed. In spite of having substantial overtime in already this week, we felt guilty about leaving half an hour early.

Yes, we did leave after the meeting, at about quarter to three. Yes, we both feel a bit guilty about it.

6. My dearest friend is not moving to California this fall. Long story short, her son and his family were going to move so he could attend John MacArthur's seminary, but circumstances have made it clear God wants them to stay here for now. Pam would have moved along with them, to live nearby and provide grandma care for the kids while he is in class and his wife works. Tom will be an excellent pastor and I know it's difficult for him to have to rethink the process of attaining that goal. At the same time, I'm very grateful they are staying.

7. As I said, life is rather dull at the moment. In October, I may be going to Chicago for a few days for work. While the occasion (a tax seminar) isn't terribly exciting, it is at a first rate hotel across the street from Watertower Place. A few dull sessions is a small price to pay for luxury accomodations and great shopping.

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