Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mail call

Every so often, I sign up for samples of things, and promptly forget that I did so. This leads to occasional surprises in the mailbox. The latest goodies come from Taster's Choice in the form of seven single-serve tubes of their various coffees.

I haven't drunk instant coffee in years, so I have no idea whether or not this will be any good (that would be the purpose of mailing out samples, hmm?) But I do think this is an absolutely brilliant solution to the office coffee issue. The coffee drinkers are supposed to fund their own addiction; other than the cost of the coffeemaker, the office theoretically pays for nothing.
This is only fair - we don't stock soda, either, so those preferring to get their caffeine/sugar fix that way also need to stock their own.

Keeping a box of these in my desk drawer is an easy way to get some variety, as well as hedge against the few times a year we run out of coffee grounds completely. I'll give a couple of them a try; if they pass the taste test, I'll buy a box for work.

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