Saturday, August 29, 2009

Not the kind of puttering I had in mind

The drive to do a deep cleaning has not abated. Today's main task involved taking the bed apart down to the slats, taking off the mattress cover (at the time I bought it, I liked the idea of a mattress cover that encased the whole mattress - silly me), washing it and the bedskirt, vacuuming the box spring and mattress, then reassembling the whole mess after the soft goods came out of the dryer.

In between, I also took apart the sewing room, at least partially. Call me crazy, but I like to do a really good cleaning before I pull out the sewing table, put up the drop leaf and start to make a mess by throwing a quilt around as I quilt it.

None of this is exactly conducive to puttering. Still, I managed to put together another small quilted, zippered bag to use in my purse. The idea is to corral all the things that are usually floating around loose - writing implements, small containers of mints, hand lotion and tylenol, eye drops, chapstick, get the idea. Not only are things easier to find, it is much easier to change over to a different purse. Just grab and go.

The original bag is the darker pink; the new one is the lighter. Actually, both bags are from the same two fabrics, just with different sides used as the outside. They were layered with a little lightweight pellon fleece between them, then machine quilted. Pink was chosen for visibility - easier to see in the depths of a dark handbag.

Naturally, the new bag I just bought (a gorgeous deep green shoulder bag from Stone Mountain) - has a pink lining.


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