Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Wednesday, glorious Wednesday. It is my favorite day of the week, though I'm not sure why.

It is also one of two don't-you-dare-park-in-the-parking-lot-you-pay-to-park-in days this week, as the students are flocking back to campus. I had forgotten this until I was ready to make the right turn into the lot - and as a result made a rather precipitous left-hand, mid-block u-turn instead. I'm now parked in the sooper-secrit parking spot, which is five blocks closer to the office than the university parking structure they want us to use on these days. I'm not keen on making that five block trek alone, at 6:30 in the morning.

The burst of energy from the weekend seems to be continuing, though at a slightly reduced pace. At this rate, the house will sparkle by the weekend, except, perhaps, for the sewing room/office, which needs a day of organization all on its own. Things are a bit chaotic in there at the moment. Some creative people thrive on the chaos; I'm not one of them.

No baking last night, though I did make blackened salmon for dinner. If it is as cool today as they predict (only 70 today, 68 tomorrow), pumpkin soup may be on tonight's menu, though from a different recipe than my usual one. In spite of never having done it myself (though my mom made applesauce and a few other things), I'm getting the urge to do some canning...

Yeah, exactly where did this domestic diva come from, and what has she done with Diane?

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