Friday, July 24, 2009

7 Quick Takes - Get me out of here edition

1. My brain hurts. It's been a long week at work, as we finalize the numbers for the audit. While the bulk of the work was done a week ago, the difficult decisions were made this week. I appreciate that my boss wants my opinion on some things, but honestly? Sometimes I'd rather he didn't.

2. The distribution of work in our office is remarkably uneven, and it can be seen most clearly at this time of year. Several of us routinely work extra long days, while a number of others are taking significant time off. The good news is that it is within my power to even up at least some of it - no matter how much the party involves whines.

3. Why yes, this is a whiny post. To continue the theme, JC Penney managed to mess up an order in a way that will probably require repeated requests to see a supervisor at the catalogue counter when I go to fix things tonight. They sent a pair of shoes, but not the pair of shoes I ordered. While the invoice is correct, the box of shoes has two stickers on it - one that matches what I actually ordered, and one for something completely different. Guess which shoes are in the box? I have little confidence that the clerks will grasp the concept of my returning something that is not on the invoice.

4. My doctor appointment Monday was great, save for one thing: my doctor is leaving that practice as of 9/1. I checked, and the place he is going to is part of my PPO network. The next step is to find out from HR if I need to do any paperwork in order to follow him. HR prefers that you e-mail them, rather than actually talk to anyone, so I duly sent off my question. The answer? I need to call the PPO to find out if he will still be in the network.

Don't you people read?

5. Lack of sleep is a major factor in the whiny, depressing nature of this post. Either I go to bed early and fall asleep, only to be awakened (usually several times) by obnoxious car alarms or neighbors, or I fall into bed later than usual, but my brain won't turn off.

Maybe an isolation tank is the solution.

6. More cleaning to do, but other than that, I plan to do nothing over the weekend. If it doesn't take too long to browbeat the clerks at JCP, I should have time to stop at the library and pick up some light reading for the weekend.

7. Maybe having a cup (or four) of coffee will help. Right now my enthusiasm for the day - and for having any interaction with people at all - is at a low ebb. All it will take is a single night's decent sleep to put things to rights, but the odds of that happening are slim. If you need me over the weekend, I'll be the one at the table in the corner of the library, my head down on the desk as I read a book with my eyes shut.

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