Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Qu'est-ce que c'est, cet aliment?

Ce sont des fraises, des tomates et des pommes de terre.

Pam and I made a stop at the West Allis Farmers' Market this afternoon. My plan only included tomatoes, but the potatoes and strawberries jumped into the basket when I wasn't looking. The weekday market is nowhere near as busy - or as full of vendors - as the Saturday one, but there was a good selection of early vegetables, from peas and kohlrabi to beets and broccoli, in addition to a few vendors with flats of drastically marked down flowers.

Last night I mixed up another batch of bread dough (from memory - and halved it to boot!). Although the heat wave passed, it left behind a taste for lighter, little-cooking-required dinners. The tomatoes will join garlic, basil, olive oil and fresh mozzarella cheese for a main-dish salad. With the bread, it's a quick dinner. This quiche is pretty quick, and can be made with seasonal veggies. Good leftovers for lunch, too.

Pam and I had breakfast/brunch at Chez Jacques this morning, one of the places for which I bought a Restaurant.com gift certificate a while ago, as a place I'd like to try. It is a charming place, tucked in the shadow of the Allen-Bradley clock tower. The three individual dining spaces and separate bar let each space have a more intimate feeling. The decor is faintly French; I'm not quite sure how the handmade quilts on the walls in each of the dining rooms fit into the theme, but they are darling.

And the food? Marvelous. The mushroom quiche had mixed fresh mushrooms, and a crust that stayed flakey. The mixed greens salad was wonderful with the dijon mustard vinaigrette. The full menu looks intriguing, and I know I'll be going back. Note to future suitors: Start off on the right foot - take me here for dinner.

One more trip out (grocery store - Farmers' Market doesn't carry cheese), then home for a bit again before Bible study tonight. Back to work tomorrow, alas, but only for a two day week. I'm enjoying it while I can, as after that, things at work explode.

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