Saturday, June 13, 2009

Putting my money dough where my mouth is

So, rather than just raving about the book, I should actually make some bread, no?

A whole mass o' dough:

It really is a very wet dough - if I were making this the traditional way, I'd probably knead in another cup and a half of flour:

Mixing truly did take only five minutes, though a messy five minutes (note to self: do not wear black tank top when measuring six and a half cups of flour and attempting to mix them in wide, shallow container).

By the way, that is the monster tupperware bowl you see. The yield of this batch should be four, one-pound loaves.

Two hours or so of sitting covered on the counter, then - into the refrigerator it goes. The recipe says at least three hours in the fridge; the dough will be easier to form if it is chilled at least overnight. So stop drooling and check back tomorrow afternoon!

Update: After almost three hours, I remembered to put the dough in the refrigerator. I guess I needn't have worried that my water was too hot for the yeast; the dough had spread out in the bowl and risen about up to the line of stuff on the left of the bowl in the top picture. If I weren't so tired now, I'd stay up and bake a loaf tonight!

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