Friday, April 17, 2009

Coffee break

Come on in and grab a cup of joe. You make want to pass on the milk, however; I haven't had time to get to the store in the last week or so.

The antibiotic I'm taking for a sinus infection (yes: I'm officially full of snot) is doing a number on me. I foresee a lot of napping in my weekend, along with some puttering on a quilt top. In the second set of blocks I put together tonight there is a glaring error...I'm not going to tell you exactly what, but will say that I can pull a recent article from a respected quilt magazine that actually espouses what I did accidentally as a deliberate artistic choice.

The truth is that I'm simply too lazy to cut the two additional squares I need, along with the additional black leading to create another set of new blocks. That may change before the final top is assembled.

This is the second to last weekend during which I need to dedicate a substantial block of time to preparing a Bible study lesson, as we only have two more weeks in Revelation. Since I've built up that study habit over the last four months, I've decided to do a book study on Romans, just for fun, with an eye to possibly teaching it in the fall. Whether or not I'm planning to teach, I usually have an in-depth study going in addition to my daily Bible reading.

Why yes, I'm a Bible study geek.

And that is it for weekend plans, other than the usual.

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